The Biden administration is poised to surrender to Iran. Israel is on its own against a genocidal regime

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
Selling out to Iran is ghastlier than bowing to Putin
by David M. Weinberg
February 27, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine almost completely has overtaken the global news focus on President Joe Biden’s impending approval of the worst-ever-possible Western sell-out deal with Iran. Unfortunately…So, yes, Ukraine is a big story, and Putin is a menace to Western stability. But I will argue here that allowing Iran to march merrily forward with its nuclear bomb and ballistic missile programs and its hegemonic regional ambitions is an even worse threat to world security, and certainly to Israel’s security. READ MORE

MELANIE PHILLIPS SUBSTACK Ukraine first — Israel next? The invasion of Ukraine has sounded a red alert for Israel, and also presented it with an acute problem. Israel enjoys warm relations with Ukraine, identifying with it as a small state under attack simply because it exists. Yet it’s essential that Israel does nothing to provoke Russia. For Israel has flown hundreds of sorties against Iranian assets in Syria. Russia backs Iran in Syria. Russia has however looked the other way while Israel bombs Iranian targets. If Russia were to withdraw this tacit permission, Israel would be at the mercy of Iran on its doorstep.

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