“Not wishing to anger either Russian President Vladimir Putin or the Biden administration, the P.A. and Hamas have so far refrained from taking official positions on Ukraine”

The Palestinian stance on the Ukraine war
by Yoni Ben Menachem
March 6, 2022

…At the same time, the Palestinians are well aware that Ukrainian President Zelensky is a Jew. In their view, he is also a Zionist who backed the American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s united capital, as well as Israel’s “Guardian of the Walls Operation” in Gaza in May 2021. There are also Palestinians in the territories who welcome the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine in the hope that it will lead to a new world order in which U.S. power and hegemony will decline. They want to see the United States, Israel’s strong ally, weakened. According to their logic, that would inevitably lead to Israel’s weakening as well. READ MORE

ELDER OF ZIYON Jordanian/Palestinian columnist, former member of Parliament, openly rooting for Russia to win. Because Ukraine is “Zionist.” He wrote in Jordanian site Ad Dustour, copied elsewhere, that a Russian victory in Ukraine will be a defeat for Israel and the United States. We sympathize with the people of Ukraine for two reasons: first, because its president, Vladimir Zelensky, is a Jew-Zionist who has implicated his people in a battle serving the interests of the United States and against the interests of his neighbor Russia, and secondly, because the people of Ukraine will pay the price for these destructive adventures.

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