The embrace of woke ideology is at odds with basic American values of equality. It also means all government departments will implement toxic intersectional and critical race theory ideas.

Biden’s ‘equity’ agenda hurts Israel and American Jews
Jonathan Tobin
April 29, 2022

…The notion that our goal should be equity rather than equality of opportunity is a fundamental aspect of critical race theory and the entire mindset of leftist ideology that labels the United States an irredeemably racist nation. That assumption guides every aspect of implementing an equity agenda and leads inevitably to race-based preference policies. In academia, that means affirmative action programs intended to correct past injustices by admissions policies that give advantages to some minorities deemed victims, primarily those who can qualify as “people of color,” regardless of their economic status. It places obstacles in front of others who do not qualify for victim status, regardless of whether they are members of minority groups like Asians and Jews. READ MORE

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