Chicago’s first large-scale active shooter drill involving police and fire departments intended to address shul-specific attacks and incidents

CCL shul members and Kehilat Chovevei Tzion take part in public safety training exercise
May 17, 2022

Concerned Citizens League Shul Members (CCLSM) staged a large-scale active shooter simulation at Kehilat Chovevei Tzion in Skokie recently, with the direction and supervision of the Skokie Police and Fire Department. Hatzalah Chicago also attended this drill. Simulations for responding to hostile fights within the synagogue and keeping people of concern out of the building, recognizing and dealing with suspicious individuals, and two full-scale active shooter drills were all part of the five-hour training program. The training exercise was the Chicagoland area’s first large-scale Synagogue active shooter drill…Given the surge in antisemitism, Naiditch feels that every Shul should hold and participate in such an event. READ MORE

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