Iranian officer fell to his death after reports claimed he was accused of leaking information that led to the assassination of his “close associate”

IRGC officer dies after he was accused of leaking intelligence
June 2, 2022

An Iranian Quds Force officer died under mysterious circumstances earlier this week after he was suspected of leaking information that led to the assassination of his fellow IRGC officer in May, Saudi-backed news outlet Iran International reported on Thursday evening. The officer, reportedly identified as Colonel Ali Esmailzadeh, died on Monday after falling from the roof of his home in Karaj, near capital Tehran. He was taken to a local hospital after his fall, where he was pronounced dead. As per Iran International, Esmailzadeh’s family was told by the IRGC that he killed himself due to “psychological problems caused by separation from his wife,” with an alleged letter left by the colonel backing up that claim. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Iranian dissident group says it hacked 5,000 surveillance cameras in Tehran Government-run surveillance cameras around Iran’s capital reportedly were “disrupted” Thursday, while an exile group claimed it hacked into over 5,000 cameras around Tehran ahead of commemoration events honoring the founder of the Islamic Republic.

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