The baton has been passed from those who massacred Jews in 1941 Baghdad to today’s Iraqi politicians controlled by Iran.

Why we need to remember the Farhud
Lyn Julius
June 1, 2022

Iraq is in the news again, this time due to its passage of a “draconian” law that forbids contact between Israel and Iraqi citizens on pain of death. Several Arab states have embraced normalization with Israel in the wake of the Abraham Accords. They have signed trade deals, established air links and encouraged tourism, but Iraq has bucked the trend…It is ironic that the al-Sadr law was passed within days of the 81st anniversary of the worst catastrophe to strike the Iraqi Jewish community: The 1941 massacre of hundreds of Jews in the wake of the defeat of Iraq’s pro-Nazi regime led by Rashid Ali al-Kilani. It has been known ever since as the Farhud. READ MORE

ALGEIMEINER Iraqi Parliament Passes Legislation Criminalizing Contact With Israel on Pain of Death Iraq’s parliament has passed legislation that would make contact between Iraqi citizens and Israelis a crime punishable with a lifetime prison sentence or even the death penalty.

ISRAEL HAYOM Yemen’s Houthis criminalize ties with Israel Iran-backed Houthi rebels’ government in Yemen on Wednesday passed legislation banning any normalization process with Israel, and criminalizing any contact with the Jewish state or its citizens.

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