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The Jews get their own Nakba Day: Remembering the movement to exterminate the Jews of the Middle East [VIDEO]

FRONT PAGE MAG Why International Farhud Day Stymies Invented Palestinian History by Edwin Black June 1, 2018 When International Farhud Day was proclaimed at a conference convened at the United Nations headquarters on June 1, 2015, its proponents wanted to achieve more … Continue reading

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#IslamicTerror 75 years later on, the motives behind the pogroms on Baghdad’s Jews are the same as the Tel Aviv and Orlando attacks: Murderous Hatred

YNET Zionism didn’t cause the Farhud, Israel didn’t cause Sarona by Ben-Dror Yemini June 13, 2016 It happens again and again. Last week at Sarona Market, Saturday in Orlando, and exactly 75 years ago, June 1941, during the Shavuot holiday, … Continue reading

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