His Jewish identity doesn’t excuse Rep. Andy Levin resurrecting antisemitic stereotypes by accusing the pro-Israel group of practicing “the politics of domination”

Levin smears AIPAC to try and save his political skin
Jonathan S Tobin
July 28, 2022

Rep. Andy Levin wants to have it both ways. The Michigan Democrat running for re-election to his seat in the House of Representatives has tried to refute criticism from pro-Israel advocates by reminding everyone of his Jewish identity and claiming that he embodies his community’s values. However, he’s also invoking the sort of stereotypes about Jews and money to characterize his opponents’ supporters in a way that would provoke outrage from members of his party if they were spoken by a Republican…Levin is a persistent and bitter critic of the Jewish state, as well as a supporter of a bill that sought to restrict aid to Israel and which the Democratic Majority for Israel correctly described as being about rewriting history to conform to an anti-Zionist narrative and “stirring up anti-Israel hostility. READ MORE

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