Hamas helpfully suggests media lie about Gazan provication with Israel; when is challenged, policy changed

Hamas issues, then rescinds, sweeping rules on Gaza coverage
Tia Goldenberg and Joseph Krauss
August 9, 2022

Gaza’s militant Hamas rulers issued sweeping new restrictions on journalists after the recent conflict there, but then rescinded them, a group representing foreign media in Israel and the Palestinian territories said Tuesday. Palestinians who work with foreign journalists were first informed of the new rules earlier this week in messages sent by the Hamas-run Interior Ministry. They were ordered not to report on Gazans killed by misfired Palestinian rockets or the military capabilities of Palestinian armed groups, and were told to blame Israel for the recent escalation. The Foreign Press Association, which represents international media, including The Associated Press, said the guidelines were rescinded after discussions with authorities in Gaza. READ MORE

CAMERA BLOG Alex Safian: In Recent Fighting With Islamic Jihad, Half of Gaza Deaths Were Likely Caused by Errant Palestinian Rockets Putting these factors together for the present hostilities, based on the current data it can be expected that 200 errant Palestinian rockets would have killed roughly 27 Gaza residents, or about half of the currently known (or perhaps admitted) death toll according to Hamas.

ELDER OF ZIYON Jabaliya: How the Media Uses “Balance” to Obfuscate the Truth The footage of the Islamic Jihad rocket doubling back on Jabaliya was like something out of a Cecil B. DeMille movie. Except that it was real. The rocket begins its journey; its target, Israeli civilians. Then, all of a sudden, with a “whoosh,” the rocket reverses course, as if the hand of God itself were guiding it away from the Jewish people.

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