“Hamas does not invite P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas to visit. But it does tolerate another rival: Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which is fully funded, armed and guided by Iran’s rulers”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
The ‘forever war’ against the West
Clifford D. May
August 11, 2022

…PIJ [Palestinian Islamic Jihad], however, cannot abide even a temporary détente. Israeli intelligence learned that the group was preparing terrorist attacks not only from Gaza but also from the northern West Bank. PIJ fighters have been gradually displacing the PA security forces in this area and clashing with the Israeli Defense Forces, which have been responding to a wave of terrorist attacks that has claimed 19 Israeli lives since March. Knowing PIJ’s intentions, the Israelis decided it was necessary to do what they could to degrade its capabilities. READ MORE

JERUSALEM CENTER FOR PUBLIC AFFAIRS What Iranian Officials Told the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Chief Even before Israel’s Operation Breaking Dawn in Gaza was launched, Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s Secretary-General Ziad Nakhalah was in Tehran to meet with top regime officials and military commanders.

TIMES OF ISRAEL Gantz accuses Iran of funding Islamic Jihad with tens of millions of dollars a year Defense minister says Gazan terror group is a ‘violent Iranian proxy’ and has ‘an open tab in Iran’; says Israel continues to act to foil Tehran’s plots

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