“The field of research into the US-Israel relationship is likewise skewed, according to Mead, by writers who are convinced that Jews have been at the center of the decision-making”

Book review: The Arc of a Covenant by Walter Russell Mead
August 14, 2022

The Arc of a Covenant is a well-researched book about the history of the US-Israel relationship. And it destroys many myths in the process. Most books about the US and Israel are written by one of two kinds of people: Zionists and anti-Zionists. Both of those suffer from a skewed vision where the American Zionists and Israeli politicians are considered critical players in the drama. Walter Russell Mead calls the anti-Zionists who believe in a nefarious and outsized role of Jews in steering the US towards a disaster in foreign policy “Vulcanists.” READ MORE

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