The quintessential difference between #JStreet and #AIPAC

Who tried to block US funding for Iron Dome?
Lenny Ben-David
August 17, 2022

…By mid-June 2021, opposition to replenishing the essential defensive materiel to Israel was emerging in Washington among a squad of members of Congress, anti-Israel progressive groups, and some think tanks of the so-called “deep state.” Who led the charge against the Iron Dome? None other than the purportedly “pro-Israel” J Street and Dylan Williams, the organization’s chief lobbyist and senior vice president for policy and strategy. On the other side of the political spectrum, AIPAC was all in, lobbying both Democratic and Republican members of Congress. In September 2021, the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly, 420-9, to provide $1 billion to restock Israel’s Iron Dome missiles. READ MORE

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