“Is it now a little bit clearer that radical Islam is today one of the biggest threats to Western culture and that we are not winning, but instead becoming like turkeys celebrating Thanksgiving?”

Forget Free Speech: Rushdie’s Fatwa Is Winning
Giulio Meotti
August 21, 2022

…Many of the slogans, paraphrases on “free speech” and demonstrations of solidarity to the author of The Satanic Verses hide a terrible and different reality: the fatwa is gaining ground, and more and more people have to live under protection due to criticism of Islam. In the words of the Algerian writer Boualem Sansal writing for L’Express last week: “[T]o speak only of France, the police will soon no longer be enough, it will be necessary to recruit battalions or form a new body of bodyguards, who know Islam and can recognize under which dress it is presented.” Islamic extremists in 2012 published a terrifying “most wanted list”, like those of the FBI. Title: “Yes we can. A bullet a day keeps the infidel away…” What happened to the faces and names on that list? They have been killed, left the public arena to protect themselves, or died under police protection. READ MORE

YNET Why New York Times still at a loss to explain what prompted Rushdie attack Media’s insistence on claiming not to know devout Shi’ite Muslim and Iran admirer’s motives for stabbing the Satanic Verses writer is a point of concern; if our generation’s intellectuals choose to ignore reality to push agendas, we’re in deep trouble

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