Saudi news outlet says Israeli drones and mid-air refueling aircraft took part in exercises, managed to avoid Russian and Iranian sensors

Israeli F-35s penetrated Iranian airspace repeatedly during war drills
Ash Obel
August 24, 2022

Israeli F-35 stealth fighters penetrated Iranian airspace on multiple occasions in the last two months, a Saudi-run news outlet reported Wednesday, as Israel stepped up its rhetoric against a nascent agreement to revive the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers. The unverified report in London-based Elaph said the jets successfully evaded Russian and Iranian radars during the exercises. Drones and mid-air refueling tankers were also reported to have participated in the “massive” drills. According to Elaph, Israel and the US also carried out secret exercises over the Red Sea simulating a strike on Iran from the sea and air and the seizing of Iranian warships. READ MORE

JNS Caroline Glick:Biden Ushers in an Era of Nuclear Chaos and War The Biden administration is on the verge of closing its long-sought for nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Europeans distributed a “final draft” of an agreement to the Americans and the Iranians last week. While the text was billed as a “take it or leave it” offer, neither the Europeans nor the Americans walked away after Iran returned with reservations. Instead, President Joe Biden and his advisors are avidly looking into Iran’s positions and are reportedly trying to incorporate them into the agreement which will likely be concluded quickly, if only the Iranians will agree.

JERUSALEM POST Lahav Harkov: Iran receives US response to nuclear deal draft, Lapid decries deal PM Lapid said that Israel would not be obligated by any nuclear deal made with Iran…“I told them these negotiations have reached the point where they must stop and say, ‘Enough,’” Lapid said.

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