Thanks to Biden’s #IranDeal, Kuwait and the UAE can see the coming “realignment” in the Middle East

Distrust of Biden Administration Leads UAE, Kuwait to Restore Ties with Iran
John Hayward
August 24, 2022

Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) took steps this week to restore diplomatic relations with Iran, a tacit acknowledgment that President Joe Biden’s reckless determination to restore the Iran nuclear deal will make Tehran vastly more rich and powerful, not to mention bringing it closer to deploying a nuclear umbrella. The latest word on the Biden nuclear deal has Iran allegedly reaping an incredible $90 billion windfall from sanctions relief and unfrozen currency reserves, even before Tehran begins piling up cash from renewed oil sales. The Biden deal, if as reported, is even more lucrative for the world’s leading state sponsors of terrorism than former President Barack Obama’s very generous Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which was suspended by President Donald Trump in May 2018 after years of Iranian misbehavior. READ MORE

ALGEMEINER Mossad Chief Calls ‘Inevitable’ Nuclear Deal a ‘Strategic Disaster’ The director of the Mossad warned that the emerging nuclear deal with Iran is a “strategic disaster,” and cautioned that Israel will not be able to sit idly as the danger to its security grows closer. “The agreement is a bad deal that gives Iran a license to manufacture a bomb,” David Barnea was quoted as saying during internal security meetings which Israeli media reported, citing unnamed sources.

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