“Just as words like apartheid and genocide have actual definitions, so does “occupation” have strict definition under international law and precedent”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
How to defeat the Israel ‘occupation’ myth with facts
James Sinkinson
September 6, 2022

…Most anti-Israel attacks in the media take the form of lies – from apartheid to ethnic genocide to the slaughter of Palestinian children. These “big lies” have sharp edges. The words have a powerful emotional impact…which makes them sting when they land. But because these words – apartheid, genocide, slaughter – have common specific meanings, they are also relatively easy to refute. Indeed, by no rational stretch of these words’ meanings can Israel be guilty of such slanders. No separation of or discrimination against citizens by race or ethnicity – no apartheid. No methodical mass murder of people because of race or ethnicity – no genocide. No targeted, purposeful killing of innocent children – no slaughter. But one libelous accusation persists – largely because the lie is so plain-sounding and its meaning so vague and diffuse: occupation. READ MORE

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