“Of course it was inevitable. Yet we allowed ourselves the fantasy that the Queen would never die”

A devastating loss
September 7, 2022

The death of Her Majesty the Queen, announced a short time ago, is a seismic event for the United Kingdom and a profound emotional shock that will be felt by millions. It was, of course, always an inevitability, as it is for all of us. And in recent months the Queen had obviously become increasingly frail. Nevertheless, it felt unthinkable that one day she would no longer be with us. We allowed ourselves to imagine that she would go on for ever. For so many of us this evening, this feels like a personal bereavement. Something of priceless value has been torn from us, and we feel devastated. READ MORE

AISH Queen Elizabeth II and the Jews Six facts about the monarch’s tumultuous relationship with Jews, on the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee…Her Mother-in-Law Saved Jews During the Holocaust…Queen Elizabeth II Hired Jewish Mohel to Circumcise Prince Charles

TIMES OF ISRAEL Queen Elizabeth’s long, complex relationship with the British Jewish community She inspired loyalty among UK Jews throughout her reign, hosted Jewish and Israeli leaders, but it irked members of the community that she never visited Israel…In fact, no member of the royal family ever visited Israel in an official capacity until 2018, when Prince William arrived in the Jewish state on an unprecedented official visit, lifting the unofficial boycott.

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