Roger Waters alternative headline: Man with an estimated worth of $245 million is being ‘silenced’ and ‘marginalized’ [VIDEO]

In the Indy, Roger Waters suggests US media conspiracy to silence his anti-Israel views.
by Adam Levick
August 13, 2017

Roger Waters isn’t given the opportunity to discuss his anti-Israel activism in the US media or on late night talk shows because of a conspiracy to silence him, according to an interview the former Pink Floyd front man gave…Waters’ belief in some sort of media conspiracy (“from above”) to avoid giving him airtime needs to be seen in the context of other risible assertions, including his complaint that the “extraordinarily powerful Jewish lobby” frightens many celebrities away from joining BDS, his claim that Israel was arguably the most oppressive regime on the planet and that the state’s oppression of the Palestinians is on par with the Nazis’ treatment of Jews….READ MORE

Trailer for upcoming documentary “Wish You Weren’t Here” which explores Roger Waters and his Israel fetish.

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