Zelensky: “I am stating the facts. My conversations with the Israeli leadership have done nothing to help Ukraine”

Zelensky Says He Is Shocked by Israel’s Failure to Give Ukraine Weapons
September 25, 2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he was “in shock” at Israel’s failure to give Kyiv anti-missile systems to help counter Russian attacks, according to an interview made public on Saturday. Zelensky has been asking for the weapons since shortly after the war started in February. He has mentioned Israel’s Iron Dome system, often used to intercept rockets fired by Palestinian militants in Gaza. “I don’t know what happened to Israel. I’m honestly, frankly – I am in shock, because I don’t understand why they couldn’t give us air defenses,” he said. Zelensky made the remarks in an interview with French reporters on Wednesday. READ MORE

I24NEWS Ukraine asks Israel for intel on Iran’s support to Russia Ukraine asked Israel to share intelligence on Iran providing support to the Russian army, Israeli sources told the media. American and Ukrainian officials have previously accused Tehran of selling hundreds of drones to Moscow that are being used in its attacks on Ukrainian targets.

COMMON SENSE Ukraine Can Win This War The experts said Ukraine was was ill-prepared, ill-equipped, and Russia’s military was simply too powerful. They were wrong. Since Ukraine’s counteroffensive began nearly three weeks ago, the country has reclaimed more than 3,400 square miles. By contrast, Russia’s offensive in the east gained only 2,000 square miles in the past five months. 

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