The assailant in one text to a teacher wished “death to all Jews”

An Arizona man who wished ‘death to all Jews’ killed his professor. A Jewish security consultant says he could have been stopped
Ron Kampeas
November 23, 2022

A top Jewish community security consultant accused the University of Arizona of ignoring antisemitism as a warning sign in a case that culminated in the shooting death of a professor. “Professor Thomas Meixner lost his life because antisemitism is not being taken seriously enough,” Michael Masters, the CEO of the Secure Community Network, wrote in an op-ed published Tuesday in the Arizona Republic. Masters said the alleged assailant’s explicitly antisemitic threats should have been a red flag for the campus police, which, Masters said did not aggressively pursue criminal charges, and the Pima County Attorney’s Office, which did not file charges. READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST Has antisemitism in US reached a tipping point? The Jewish community was the target of more than half (54%) of all religious bias crimes in 2021 according to the FBI. This means that half of all hate crimes targeting religious groups, target Jews. And yet Jews make up only a very small percent of the US population: less than 3% of adults.

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