Clinging to the moth-eaten mantra of the two-state solution is unfortunate at best, mendacious at worst

Court Jews courting favor
Naomi Kahn
December 3, 2022

In a recent opinion piece published by The Washington Post, Daniel Kurzer and Aaron David Miller urge the Biden administration to “respond boldly to a radical Netanyahu government.” The article, written by two men whose combined titles are almost as long as the article they penned, drew an immediate reaction from people of equal pedigree, including former U.S. ambassador David M. Friedman. “Another bad idea from two guys who consistently have been wrong on U.S.-Israel policy: To punish Israel for its democracy that finally achieved a stable government. Denying the Israeli people their free will is an affront to Zionism and certain to fail,” said Friedman. READ MORE

JNS Ruthie Blum: No, Hady Amr is not ‘our friend’ The AJC shouldn’t be welcoming a U.S. appointee who assists forces bent on Israel’s destruction. But lauding him after expressing concern about the incoming government in Jerusalem is beyond inexcusable.

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