Netflix has produced “an antisemitic movie. When I heard about it, I was appalled”

War of Independence veterans protest ‘defamatory’ Netflix movie
Korin Elbaz Alush
December 27, 2022

Veterans of the War of Independence, who are currently in the tenth decade of their lives, have joined the furor surrounding the Jordanian film Farha, which depicts Israel Defense Forces soldiers executing Palestinian children and babies, demanding Netflix immediately remove it from their library. “We are Holocaust survivors who defended our country. Remove the defamatory film,” the five ex-soldiers called. The Israel Law Center has sent a warning letter to Netflix on their behalf concerning a potential breach of Israeli defamation laws…”Personally, I don’t watch television. But when we’re defamed like this, I can’t let it pass. The world doesn’t know what the IDF is, what a moral army we have. So they may think that the lies that the movie shows are the actual truth. READ MORE

FOX BUSINESS Netflix faces backlash, exodus of subscribers, over ‘antisemitic’ film Farha: ‘Stop this disgrace’ “Netflix, stop this disgrace and don’t give a platform to a film that defames Israel and presents the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) as baby killers!” a former IDF soldier wrote. “This is a blood libel that will certainly increase antisemitism and incitement against Israel,” Yoseph Haddad later tweeted.

Stop Netflix from promoting Anti-Semitic Fake news! Sign the petition to have Farha removed from Netflix Today the false Jordanian film “Farha” was aired on Netflix, which shows IDF soldiers committing atrocities in the War of Independence. The Jordanian director lyingly claims that the film is based on “true stories” with no factual evidence. The film shows IDF soldiers as murderers, who commit crimes against innocent families children and infants, these “True stories” have zero factual base and are indeed a false claim in order to promote antisemitism and to demonize Israeli soldiers based on false claims.

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