While the left-wing opposition laments what it falsely calls “the end of democracy,” the overwhelming majority of Israelis disagree. The incoming government is not anti- democratic, it is anti-progressive.

Israel’s historic right-wing government is the democratic will of the voters
Alex Traiman
December 29, 2022

Israel inducted a historic right-wing government Thursday, led by three-time Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu’s return to power and the formation of a strong right-wing government is a tremendous achievement for a nation that has increasingly turned towards the right-wing values of strong security and protecting the Jewish character of the state. The 64-member Likud-led coalition, joined by Netanyahu’s loyal right-wing and religious allies, puts to bed years of electoral instability wrought by politicians who attempted to will Israel’s longest-serving prime minister out of power. Ultimately it was the voters themselves who tired of prosecutorial and political tricks aimed at removing Netanyahu from office. READ MORE

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