Short YouTube explains why Israel’s judicial reform is long past due

A short explanation on how the judicial reforms in progress will address the anomalies of the Israeli system and bring Israel closer to the rest of the Western democracies. Video produced by the Kohelet Forum. For more information on the need for judicial reform, click here.

Economists’ warnings about judicial reform are overblown, analysts tell JNS
David Isaac
February 5, 2023

The Netanyahu government’s judicial reform plan has come under heavy fire since it was first announced on Jan. 4. Critics say it spells the end of Israel’s system of checks and balances and even the end of democracy. In the last week, a new argument has taken center stage, an economic one, according to which the reform threatens Israel’s financial well-being. However, analysts JNS spoke with said the warnings of economic collapse are without merit, and are based on political and not economic assumptions. Furthermore, the fear-mongering ignores the positive impact the reforms are likely to have on Israel’s economy, they said. READ MORE

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