Biden nominee “questioned labeling of Hamas as a terrorist organization”

US Withdraws Nomination of Activist Who Accused Politician of Being ‘Purchased’ by Pro-Israel Groups
Andrew Bernard
February 14, 2023

The United States has withdrawn its support for a human rights activist who accused US House Minority leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) of being “Bought. Purchased. Controlled” by pro-Israel groups, State Department Spokesman Ned Price said Tuesday afternoon. The announcement comes a day after an exclusive Algemeiner investigation revealed that Prof. James Cavallaro had a multi-year history of incendiary posts critical of US foreign policy, Israel, and pro-Israel elected officials. Speaking at a State Department press briefing Tuesday afternoon, Price told The Algemeiner that Cavallaro’s statements “clearly do not reflect US policy.” READ MORE

FRONT PAGE MAG After Biden Sent $1B to PLO, Israeli Deaths Rose 900% In April 2021, the Biden administration restored aid to the PLO. Terror incidents, reflecting attack attempts, shot up sharply from 91 in February and 89 in March to 130 in April. By May, major fighting resumed with 13 Israelis, including two children, killed. By the time the year was over, 17 people in Israeli areas had been killed. The over 400% increase in deaths was only the beginning. In 2022, 31 Israelis or people in Israeli areas were killed, up from only 3 in 2020, for a massive 900% increase in casualties since the restoration of foreign aid to the terrorists. This was the worst death toll since 2015 under Obama.

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