Glick: The left isn’t worried about democracy. It doesn’t like democracy. It likes its oligarchy.

It’s not about democracy
Caroline Glick
February 10, 2023

What’s happening in Israel is not what it seems. The left, in all its component parts, is not fighting against an effort by the government and the Knesset to destroy Israel’s democracy. We know this for three reasons. First, the leaders of the fight against judicial reform, who claim that if Justice Minister Yariv Levin’s judicial reform package now making its way through the legislative process in the Knesset passes, Israeli democracy will die, know that this isn’t true. In a past address to the Kohelet Forum, opposition leader Yair Lapid set out a position on judicial activism completely aligned with Levin’s package. Indeed, Lapid’s remarks laid the foundations of the current reform. READ MORE

JNS Fiamma Nirenstein: Israel’s civil discourse is broken Israel is suffering today. Its civil discourse is broken and harsh. At the same time, terror is spiking. During the general strike against the current government’s judicial reform plan on Monday, accompanied by a march on the Knesset, two terrorist attacks were added to the five that have left 10 people dead in the past two weeks. On a packed bus, a 13-year-old boy began to stab innocent civilians. A civilian security guard reacting to the attack accidentally shot and killed a Border Police officer. Then, a car-ramming took place at Tapuah Junction.

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