The Nakba story, “perhaps the most persistent big lie of the past 75 years”

The Truth Behind the Palestinian ‘Catastrophe’
Sol Stern
March 2023

Israel will soon celebrate the 75th anniversary of its independence. Around the same time, Palestinians will stage their annual Nakba Day, the official commemoration held every year on May 15 to protest Israel’s creation. The marking of this supposed “catastrophe” (nakba) will surely be a key feature of the elite media discussion of Israel’s anniversary. As such, it will represent an ongoing public-relations triumph for the Palestinians—and a victory for deceit and disinformation. For the past quarter century, leaders of the Palestinian Authority have been insistent that their people were innocent victims of a historically unprecedented crime in 1948, a crime that is frequently mentioned in the same breath as the Holocaust. Their account is an example of the phenomenon called the “big lie.”READ MORE

JNS Jonathan Tobin: Why keep pretending that Jews building homes prevents peace? Palestinian terrorism and disinterest in a two-state solution ensure that peace is impossible. But the United States and its allies prefer to focus on Israeli housing starts.

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