Cancelling planned protest, elite air force squadron will ‘continue to serve the Jewish and democratic State of Israel as long as it is required’ and report to training

Elite Israeli Reserve Air Force Pilots Reverse Decision to Protest, Set to Meet With Their Commanders
Amos Harel
March 7, 2023

Reserve pilots from an elite squadron in Israel’s Air Force announced on Tuesday that they will not boycott an upcoming training exercise as had previously been planned and will instead arrive for a meeting with their commanders. Earlier this week, most of the pilots from Squadron 69 had announced that they would not show up to training in protest of the Netanyahu government’s judicial overhaul. On Tuesday, the pilots informed their commanders that they would show up to the exercise. “We have full confidence in our commanders,” the pilots said after discussions with IAF officials, adding that they “will continue to serve the Jewish and democratic State of Israel as long as is required.” READ MORE

I24News Israeli Air Force axes reserve fighter pilot urging to boycott training The Israeli Air Force on Thursday sacked a reservist fighter pilot allegedly leading calls to boycott daily duties and trainings in protest of the government’s judicial reform. The reservist officer, Col. “Gimmel” — referred to in Hebrew media by a single initial letter — was suspended indefinitely over outspoken interviews in local media and “conduct around the current events.”

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