MK Simcha Rothman, Chair of the Constitution, Law and Justice Knesset committee, explains need for judicial reform

On Sunday, March 5th, Benjamin Anthony, Co-Founder of The MirYam Institute, sat down to interview Simcha Rothman in the Knesset in front of a group of 23 active officers of the U.S. Army, brought to Israel on the annual MirYam Institute Israel Strategy & Policy tour (I-SAP). MK Rothman currently serves as the Chair of the Constitution, Law & Justice Knesset committee and is the architect of the judicial reform currently at the heart of the Israeli conversation.

MK Rothman answered questions on why he was leading the effort for judicial reform, why he assigns urgency to the reform he is leading, whether or not these reforms leave Israel and members of the IDF exposed to prosecution in international legal forums, the implications of the reforms for Prime Minister Netanyahu and whether the reforms he seeks to implement are worth the massive civil unrest and demonstrations taking place throughout much of Israel in direct opposition to the changes he seeks to bring about. Following the initial long form interview, MK Rothman took questions from the officers. Click here to view the interview.

JPOST Security forces called to rescue Rothman after protesters surround house he was in Hundreds of protesters opposing the judicial overhaul surrounded a house where Constitution, Law and Justice Committee chairman Simcha Rothman was staying in at Ramat Hasharon on Thursday night. 

To learn more about The MirYam Institute I-SAP tours for cadets of the U.S. military academies and active officers of the U.S. Army, please visit Miryam Institute I-SAP Program

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