Full ‘Nakba Day’ Footage Notable for Absence of Blood, Coordinating Cameramen

by Joshua Levitt
May 28, 2014


Hours upon hours of security camera footage of the supposed ‘Nakba Day’ deaths of two Palestinian Arabs, in Bitunia, raised further doubts over the allegations that the two teenagers were actually shot by the Israeli Defense Forces, which is still investigating the case, though it has denied that its soldiers used any live ammunition that day.

Rather than support the case made to international media based on an edited 2-minute clip, the hours of recorded footage show a loosely organized team of cameramen and photographers being coordinated into position to record the falling teenagers, who keel over dead in the wrong direction, and without a drop of blood ever falling onto their clothes or onto the ground below. What is even more odd, according to one blogger who reviewed all of the footage, the two teens fall in the same area, 73-minutes apart.

On Facebook, activist group B’Tselem said it has so far uploaded half of the 11 hours of security camera footage to YouTube, and blamed “technical reasons” for why “only small parts of the footage showing the shooting incident in Bitunia were published in the media and on our website.” Pro-Israel bloggers on Tuesday and Wednesday combed through the footage to try to gain a fuller picture of what happened, but they said that the only conclusion supported by the evidence was that the incident was staged, leaving the question open to who actually killed the two teenagers.

…..Global media rushed to condemn the IDF, while the U.S. and the UN urged Israel to formally investigate, but the many inconsistencies in the video cast a wide shadow on the veracity of its claims and the intentions of those who originally edited the clip and distributed it internationally.


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