Don’t be rattled by the condemnations

by Dror Eydar
September 2, 2014

It has become a common and tedious ritual: the international condemnation and the outcry of the Left. There is nothing to get excited about here. The Jews began the process, which could bring about the day when sovereignty is held over at least part of the ancient Jewish homeland. Good grief. There are two things forbidden to Jews: materializing any sort of sovereignty over the land of Israel, and defending themselves against the Arabs with arms. Too bad we have fallen back to history.

The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has been silent regarding almost every international front that had at one time been integral to U.S. interests, all but one: Israel. The laymen of the greatest power in the world have found the time to highlight Israel’s natural process of declaring 4,000 dunams — which don’t belong to any private interest — as state land. And in the theater of the absurd, Great Britain has made the noise of the White Papers and Russia has issued a condemnation bemoaning the annexation. It is experienced in that. The Islamic State (ISIS) has seized tens of thousands of square kilometers from Iraq and Syria, and yet the international community is barely moved. Good for them they aren’t Jews.

Despite the propaganda of lies, let us go back to the basics: Judea and Samaria are not Palestinian lands, not even by international law. Moreover, these are disputed territories. From our perspective, these are Jewish lands that were stolen from us during the Muslim occupation, which began in the seventh century and continues till this very day. Despite all of that, the Palestinians continue to practice unilateral annexation all over the place, without meeting protest. While the Palestinians are subject to “the laws of nature,” the Jews must oblige international law. If Israel wants to protect its control over the state — not just in Judea and Samaria — it must take the same actions in order to step up the application of its sovereignty; it is the natural behavior of the locals……


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