Iran, the Disappearing News Story

by Richard Baehr
October 14, 2014

The Drudge Report is filled these days with alarming stories about the Ebola epidemic. A recent banner headline read: “Most Severe Health Emergency in Modern Times.” On Monday, a Hazmat crew boarded an Emirates plane from Dubai that landed at Boston’s Logan Airport, after a few passengers were isolated with flu-like symptoms.

After the first Ebola death in America, the debate about allowing flights from the most afflicted countries in Africa into America, or whether to allow anyone who has been in these countries recently to enter the United States, has picked up in intensity. There are loud voices on cable news programs claiming the country is unprepared to deal with the disease if it appears in multiple locations. A group that supports Democrats is running an ad in several battleground states where the midterm races are close, arguing that Republicans are responsible for pretty much anything bad that comes from the Ebola outbreak now, since their call for cuts in federal spending led to reductions in appropriations at the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health. Of course, the ad conveniently neglects to mention the role of the White House and Democratic leaders in Congress in negotiating the terms of sequestration that created many of the alleged cuts.

…..One important story that has fallen almost entirely out of the news stream concerns the negotiations about Iran’s nuclear program with the P5+1. These talks, already once extended after a failure to reach a comprehensive agreement following the signing of an interim accord last year, are due to expire on November 24. The Obama administration, facing obstacles and problems on many fronts, seems desperate to have the negotiations with Iran result in a deal, or failing that, get the talks extended again. The collapse of the talks would be a big story, and suggest one more failure for an administration already on a long losing streak abroad…..


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