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George W. Bush’s Graceful Silence

BLOOMBERG by Cass R. Sunstein December 22, 2014 In the domain of foreign affairs, 2014 has brought heated national debates on an impressive range of subjects: Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Syria, Ebola, immigration policy and, most recently, torture, North Korea and … Continue reading

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Ancient Kosher Laws Have Lessons for a 21st Century War against Ebola

GATESTONE by Lawrence Kadish November 12, 2014 In an era before antibiotics, blood tests and digital scanning thermometers; In an era before EKG’s, stethoscopes, blood transfusions and even refrigeration; In an era before doctors, science and even a rudimentary understanding … Continue reading

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Israeli innovation helps combat Ebola

YNET by Udi Etsion October 27, 2014 Sterile tent produced by Israeli company SYS Technologies has already been ordered by Guinea, as WHO scrambles to deal with deadly epidemic. The number of people who have been infected with Ebola in … Continue reading

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Ron Klain and Solyndra

NATIONAL REVIEW by Andrew McCarthy October 20, 2014 The administration’s point man on a solar fraud is now in charge of Ebola. Ron Klain is a sharp-elbowed Democratic political operative with no medical expertise. Tapping him as “Ebola czar” may … Continue reading

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Israel First Western Country To Impose Ebola Protocol On Arriving West Africans

JEWISH BUSINESS NEWS by Tibi Singer October 19, 2014 As of Sunday, all passengers arriving in Israel from Africa will have to undergo a medical examination, including checking their body temperature, according to an order of Israel’s Health Ministry. “The … Continue reading

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Iran, the Disappearing News Story

ISRAEL HAYOM by Richard Baehr October 14, 2014 The Drudge Report is filled these days with alarming stories about the Ebola epidemic. A recent banner headline read: “Most Severe Health Emergency in Modern Times.” On Monday, a Hazmat crew boarded … Continue reading

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Is Obama Wagging the Ebola Dog?

AMERICAN THINKER by Lauri Regan September 18, 2014 The anti-war president has finally found a way to wag the dog without upsetting his liberal base and war-weary electorate. Despite the beheading of two Americans, establishment of an Islamic caliphate, direct … Continue reading

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