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Obama pioneers newspeak to rival ‘1984’

BOSTON HERALD New Dem glossary by Howie Carr April 3, 2016 On Friday night, Obama referred to an airstrike as a “kinetic action” and his sock puppets in the media nodded. If George W. Bush had said the same thing, … Continue reading

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Every White House — including this one — appeases “rejectionists who oppose Jewish sovereignty over any part of the Jewish homeland”

BOSTON GLOBE Our embassy in Israel belongs in Israel’s capital by Jeff Jacoby March 31, 2016 …Washington has never formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. When asked what the country’s capital is, administration spokesmen tie themselves in knots to avoid … Continue reading

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George W. Bush’s Graceful Silence

BLOOMBERG by Cass R. Sunstein December 22, 2014 In the domain of foreign affairs, 2014 has brought heated national debates on an impressive range of subjects: Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Syria, Ebola, immigration policy and, most recently, torture, North Korea and … Continue reading

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