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Quinoa for Passover “can easily be spruced up, transforming it from a ho-hum, side dish, into one that is more savory or sweet”

JEWISH VOICE AND OPINION Thinking outside the Box for Pesach with Quinoa by Chef David March 21, 2021 Too many people associate Pesach with the need for chametz substitutes, which often fall flat and just don’t taste good. For example, … Continue reading

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Whatever EU’s Court of Justice claims, a clear decision was made today: “Jewish rights are now ranked behind animal rights and hunting”

TIMES OF ISRAEL The moment the Jew became a second-class citizen in Europe again by Adam Brodsky December 17, 2020 As director of public affairs at the European Jewish Association, I had our press release on the European Court ruling … Continue reading

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Jews and Muslims under proposed Austrian law “would still be allowed to purchase kosher and halal food, but only if they can prove…they are observant members of their religious communities”

WASHINGTON POST Austrian state wants to force meat-consuming Jews and Muslims to register, drawing Nazi comparisons by Rick Noack July 20, 2018 Nazi comparisons have become so frequent around the world that they rarely draw attention these days. But in … Continue reading

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“Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, world’s largest kosher certification body, approves plant-based Impossible Burger” [VIDEO]

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS) US’s Impossible Foods creates world’s first kosher cheeseburger by AP and Staff May 23, 2018 California-based Impossible Foods‘ veggie burger has been certified as kosher by the world’s largest kashrut certification agency, the Union … Continue reading

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Beginning July 21, you can eat Kosher at Wrigley Field

TABLET MAG Another Century-Long Wait Is Over for the Chicago Cubs: Wrigley Field Is Getting Kosher Food by Sophie Aroesty July 13, 2017 The Chicago Cubs famously went 108 years without winning a World Series championship, but few know about … Continue reading

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Ancient Kosher Laws Have Lessons for a 21st Century War against Ebola

GATESTONE by Lawrence Kadish November 12, 2014 In an era before antibiotics, blood tests and digital scanning thermometers; In an era before EKG’s, stethoscopes, blood transfusions and even refrigeration; In an era before doctors, science and even a rudimentary understanding … Continue reading

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Kosher Gino’s East Pizzeria, Underground Mikvah Coming to Wicker Park

DNAInfo by Alicia Hauser October 29, 2014 WICKER PARK — Plans are underway to open the city’s first Kosher Gino’s East pizzeria along with a subterranean mikvah bathhouse and other amenities that will be part of a local Jewish group’s headquarters, … Continue reading

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Not kosher: Supermarket removes Jewish food amid anti-Israel protests

RT NEWS August 18, 2014 A central London branch of a major UK supermarket emptied its kosher food shelf after its manager feared anti-Israeli protesters outside would attack the store, the grocery giant has confirmed. Meats, cheeses and sauces were … Continue reading

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