Jews and Muslims under proposed Austrian law “would still be allowed to purchase kosher and halal food, but only if they can prove…they are observant members of their religious communities”

Austrian state wants to force meat-consuming Jews and Muslims to register, drawing Nazi comparisons
by Rick Noack
July 20, 2018

Nazi comparisons have become so frequent around the world that they rarely draw attention these days. But in Adolf Hitler’s birth country, Austria, they can still strike a nerve. They certainly did so this week, after Jewish organizations criticized the far-right Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ), the ruling coalition party in the state of Lower Austria, over a proposal that would require Jews to register with the government if they seek to purchase kosher meat. The same rules would apply to Muslims buying halal meat. “This constitutes an attack on Jewish and Muslim life,” the Berlin-based American Jewish Committee wrote in a response. READ MORE

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