The Peters Principle on the Middle East Conflict

Joan Peters Caro, author of From Time Immemorial, died earlier this week

by Michael Curtis
January 9, 2015

…..The main theses of [Joan] Peters’s book need to be reiterated as a healthy corrective to the fallacious Palestinian Narrative of Victimhood and the absurd fictional assertions made by Palestinian spokespeople about their history and the roots of the people in Palestine.  Peters asserts that British governments, after the League of Nations in 1922 had given Britain the Palestinian Mandate, did not abide by the obligation to foster a Jewish National Home.  Most important, and the argument that has been controversial, is that Britain permitted substantial Arab migration into the Mandate territory, especially into those areas settled by Jews.  This migration was unimpeded and unacknowledged by British officials, who did, in contrast, impose severe restrictions on Jewish immigration into Palestine.

Joan Peters outlined other issues.  Britain removed three quarters of the total Palestine area from the Mandate by setting up the Emirate of Trans-Jordan, which later became the Kingdom of Jordan.  By doing so, Peters held, Britain essentially established an Arab state in Palestine.  Concerning the refugee issue, Peters emphasized the point that the number of Jewish refugees driven from Arab lands in the late 1940s was at least equal to the number of Palestinian Arabs displaced from areas held by Israel after the 1948-49 war, a war initiated by Arab states against the newly created State of Israel.  Peters was surprised that although whole populations of Jews had been forced to flee from Arab countries, there were few documents about this flight, although there were stacks of documents about Arab refugees.READ MORE

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