Many have not yet grasped the true barbaric nature of ISIS and this execution is not surprising

Our CAMERA group met with Colonel Richard Kemp this afternoon and discussed the recent Gaza War, his very positive impressions of IDF conduct in the conflict (“extremely moral and ethical”), the UN Fact Finding Commission (now minus William Schabas) and growing anti-Israel / anti-Jewish sentiments in the UK and across Europe. Israel has no greater friend than Mr Kemp who courageously spoke in defense of Israel before the UN Human Rights Council debating the Goldstone Report in October 2009.

Colonel Richard Kemp
February 5, 2015

The latest act of barbarity by the Islamic State is deeply shocking but not at all surprising. Those who thought they might release the Jordanian pilot have not grasped the nature of the Islamic State. They want to provoke Jordan, as the Hashemite Kingdom and neighbouring Lebanon are next on the target list. Fortunately Israel, with her powerful defence forces, will step in to defend Jordan against attack. But Jordan is one of our closest allies and we must also be prepared to come to their aid. READ MORE

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