A Separate Peace?

Editorial of The New York Sun
February 9, 2015

The objections that President Obama outlined at the White House today in respect of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to a joint meeting of Congress strike us as not only unconvincing but disingenuous. The idea that Congress’s “mistake” in inviting Mr. Netanyahu lies in it being so close to Israel’s elections is an outrageous claim from an American president whose operatives are in Israel right now running a political campaign to unseat the Likud. And the idea that either Congress or Mr. Netanyahu should shrink from his appearance on March 3 because of the sensitivities in respect of Iran — that’s right out of the European appeasement of 1938.What Mr. Obama wants with Iran is a separate peace. Separate from Israel. Neither he nor Secretary Kerry made the slightest effort to bring Israel to the table beside them. He went as the P5+1 — the five permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany. If Germany must be added to the P5, why not make it the P5+2 and include the Jewish state? It’s Israel, after all, against whom Iran covets an a-bomb. Everyone knows why Mr. Obama didn’t stand with Israel. The Iranians wouldn’t allow it. The mullahs, the editor of the Sun noted this week in a column in Haaretz, would have keeled over in a dead faint. READ MORE

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