They don’t hate Israel. They hate Jews.

by Fred Maroun
February 20, 2015

Imagine for a moment that Israel became majority Muslim, elected a government composed of Muslims, and changed its name to “Palestine”. Imagine also that Israel, while making these changes, maintained the exact same policies towards Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. How would the rest of the world react? Would the UN keep writing anti-Israel resolutions by the dozens, while largely ignoring the rest of the world? Would arrogant university “students” continue to demonize Israel? Would the BDS movement continue its anti-Israel campaign unabated? Would the Western left, in a sudden bout of integrity, criticize the newly renamed Palestine as strongly as it criticizes Israel today? To answer these questions, we need only look at Israel’s neighbours….Discrimination against religious and ethnic minorities is vastly worse in Arab countries than in Israel. Yet there is no BDS movement against Arab countries. There are rarely, if ever, any resolutions at the UN against Arab regimes. READ MORE

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