The 10 Campuses With The Worst Anti-Semitic Activity

February 21, 2015

As one of its first initiatives, Jew Hatred on Campus has compiled a list of the 10 U.S. campuses having the worst anti-Semitic activity in 2014.  Universities included in the top 10 played host to numerous incidents of anti-Jewish acts, such as Israeli Apartheid Week (a week-long event that demonizes the Jewish state); interrupting university activities by staging mock “checkpoints” on campus; campus speakers that call for the destruction of the Jewish state; and verbal or physical harassment and violence against Jewish and pro-Israel students. READ MORE

  1. Columbia University
  2. Cornell University
  3. George Mason University
  4. Loyola University Chicago
  5. Portland State University
  6. San Diego State University
  7. San Francisco State University
  8. Temple University
  9. University of California Los Angeles
  10. Vassar College
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2 Responses to The 10 Campuses With The Worst Anti-Semitic Activity

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  2. Naomi says:

    What is going on? Holding up a sign expressing Israel’s desire for peace is an act of aggression?
    And the student holding up his hand made sign is doused with water, and his sign is grabbed from him and crumpled by an pro Palestinian mob?
    I am ashamed of my alma mater. Hope the peaceful student will have his police report acted upon so that the bullies who harassed him will be properly punished. Or does the Cornell administration condone anti Jewish activity?


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