Actors Quit ‘Ferguson’ Because ‘Truth is Subjective!’

by Andrew Klavan
April 24, 2015

Five actors have walked off the limited engagement play “Ferguson,” throwing the controversial project into crisis. The play, scheduled to run April 26-29th, was a compilation of grand jury testimony about the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson. It was written by my pal Phelim McAleer, who is also producing the Kermit Gosnell project, for which I wrote the script. According to the L.A. Timesthe actors balked when they realized the script — i.e. the testimony — more or less vindicated the police officer’s actions, showing that the enormous Brown had been charging the cop at the time he was shot. One veteran actor quoted by the Times was Philip Casnoff: “It felt like the purpose of the piece was to show, ‘Of course he was not indicted — here’s why,’” Casnoff said…. READ MORE

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1 Response to Actors Quit ‘Ferguson’ Because ‘Truth is Subjective!’

  1. Wouldn’t Mr. McAleer rather employ actors who are committed to the play itself, above their own political beliefs? There’s also the questionable choice to mount the play in Los Angeles, where live theater is mostly done for the purpose of showcasing.

    It’s also possible the actors are using this convenient version of “artistic differences” to disguise having to tell the author that they think the play is dull, or doesn’t provide them with a chance to shine as performers. I’ve been on a few juries. It can’t be easy to make testimony entertaining to an audience.


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