Video and transcript: Robert Spencer at Muhammad art exhibit

May 6, 2015

If you want to understand the purpose of the Garland TX event, listen to Robert Spencer’s comments in this short video

“…Now, it’s very noteworthy — take a look as you’re going out this evening — take a look at some of these [cartoons], because you’ll find them very interesting.  Some of them are ancient Persian images made by Muslims.  And nobody got killed.  Nobody got death threats.  Nobody was called a racist.  They depict Muhammad cursing women in hell, they depict Muhammad beheading the Qurayza Jews, of which he massacred between 600 and 900, according to his earliest biographer.  These are depictions by Muslims of Muhammad. Some of them you’ll see, his face is covered.  But in some of them, he’s just depicted as he is in the cartoons that are more contemporary. Even more important, there are some images you will find from earlier centuries in the West, when we did have more cultural confidence.  Dante Alighieri, the author of “The Divine Comedy” — it’s a three-part allegory, one of the greatest poems in Western civilization, the great Italian poem.  And he goes into hell and then into purgatory, and then into heaven….” READ MORE

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