Curbing the self-loathing Jewish defamers of Israel

by Isi Leibler
May 19, 2015

Most of us are thoroughly exasperated with the obnoxious Jewish deviants who are demonizing Israel with their global campaigns, falsely defaming the IDF as monsters and war criminals. Such reprehensible elements were always the bane of the Jewish people. But today the internet and the global media provide them with the opportunity of inflicting infinitely greater damage than in the past when their impact was more localized. During the Middle Ages, some of the most venomous anti-Semitic propaganda emanated from self-loathing Jews, principally converts to Christianity, who represented an important element compounding the prevailing atmosphere of persecution, pogroms and expulsion. In the 19th century, Karl Marx who was born a Jew, spouted obscene anti-Semitic diatribes which his Jewish followers simply refused to acknowledge. READ MORE

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