From Ari Shavit no less: Five reasons to worry about the Iran deal

by Ari Shavit
July 16, 2015

Experience reveals a yawning gap between the way the United States and Europe understand the Middle East and the way the Middle East understands itself.

The first cause for concern is nuclear proliferation. The international community’s greatest achievement over the past 70 years has been its ability to control the nuclear demon. Israel’s most significant achievement over the past half century has been the monopoly of Dimona. If the Vienna agreement is adhered to, both these achievements will be preserved — excellent. But if it turns out, perish the thought, that the Vienna accord is vague, the holes are black and the monitoring mechanisms can’t be enforced, the world will be a different world, the Middle East will become a terrible Middle East, and a giant shadow will loom over Israel’s future. The second cause for concern is the expansion of conventional weapons. Iran’s military-industrial complex has few parallels in the world. Some 50,000 skilled and creative Iranians have learned to make satellites, missiles, sophisticated ships and drones. READ MORE

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