We Must All be Activists: Urge Congress to Get a Better #IranDeal

Regardless of your political persuasion — There’s no excuse for sitting back and doing nothing. Get out a pen and paper and write a letter and/or call your congressman and senators. Tell them how you feel. Reaching out personally is more impactful than signing those Facebook petitions. Now’s the time to stand and be counted. 


While StandWithUs welcomes international efforts to end Iran’s nuclear program through diplomacy, the deal announced on July 14, 2015 between the P5+1 and Iran raise will not prevent Iran’s regime from developing nuclear weapons, moderate its aggressive policies, or persuade it to stop sponsoring terrorism. Rather it only delays its pursuit of nuclear weapons and allows it to continue promoting violence and instability around the world. We hope that Congress, which has 60 days to review the agreement after it is submitted by the administration, will ensure that the deal protects the U.S. and our allies, and prevents nuclear proliferation in the region. The president has said consistently that “no deal is better than a bad deal.” And this is a bad deal!

On July 15, 2015, President Obama reiterated at his press conference that he has not heard what opponents would do to make the pending agreement between the P5+1 and Iran better or stronger. Below are five things that will strengthen the agreement, and we urge Congress to insist on incorporating these points in the agreement. Please urge your senators and members of Congress to add the following to get an agreement that is acceptable.

  1. Demand the dismantling of centrifuges in all Iranian nuclear facilities. The proposed deal would disconnect and store centrifuges in an easily reversible manner, but it requires no dismantlement of centrifuges or any Iranian nuclear facility.
  2. Include anywhere, anytime, short-notice inspections. The current agreement gives Iran up to 24 days to deceive, delay, and hide.
  3. Release sanctions gradually as Iran demonstrates full cooperation, satisfying International Atomic Energy Agency concerns over the possible military dimensions of Tehran’s program. The current agreement gives $150 billion and lifts sanctions as soon as the agreement commences, rather than gradually in phases as Iran demonstrates sustained adherence to the agreement.
  4. Block Iran’s nuclear weapons quest for generations. The current agreement permits Iran to legally acquire nuclear weapons in 15 years. A child born today would live in a world where the greatest terror sponsors, who want to annihilate the United States, also have the most powerful weapons and delivery systems to achieve their goals.
  5. Prevent Iran from obtaining ballistic missiles and do not lift the arms embargo imposed by the UN Security Council, which will allow Iran to provide additional arms for terrorism and proxy wars, which inflame the region and threaten our allies.

Copy and paste the key points above or use your own words.
Click here for YOUR SENATOR’S contact information or to message them
Click here for YOUR CONGRESSMAN’S contact information or to message them

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