JUF responds to NYT article noting HRC’s speaking fees

Below the JUF response to yesterday’s reposting of a NYT article Clintons Report Earnings of $139 Million in Seven Years, the locally relevant sentences being “She [Hillary] topped out at $400,000 for a speech to the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago. Her standard rate was $225,000.”

by Aaron Cohen
August 4,2015

As JUF’s valued contributors know, presenting public figures is a highly effective way to raise funds. Hillary Clinton proved the point when she spoke at two JUF events, attracting some 1,600 attendees who contributed around $38 million. What few people realize is that the cost of those events (including speaker fees), as with all JUF fundraising events, was largely covered by an endowment and corporate and other sponsorships. That’s why JUF’s fundraising expenses amount to less than a nickel for each dollar raised. JUF works closely with elected officials from both parties, and engages with them including as speakers at major events, on missions to Israel, as presenters at significant briefings, etc. Over the years, Republican speakers have included former President George H. W. Bush, Sen. Robert Dole and Colin Powell, among others. Since 2014, JUF has engaged with Senator Kirk, Governor Christie and Congressmen Dold and Roskam.

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