Ignore the Warnings of Alberto Nisman at Your Peril

by David Bedein
August 22, 2015

Iran’s place in world terror has been thoroughly investigated. The person who did it did not live to tell the tale. It has become clear that many Jews who live in the US do not understand the nature of the threat posed by Iran. There are ten lessons that Jewish Americans must understand:

1…The Iranian deal is not only about Israel.
2…The Iranian deal is not only about nukes.
3…If Iran gets the $50 billion in its coffers; an Iranian killing machine will be launched around the world.
4…That Iranian killing machine will pose an undisguised threat to every Jew in the world, beginning in the US.
5…The American Jewish Committee commissioned a study of the Iranian curriculum and found that Iranian schools prepare their students for war against the “Great Satan”, the US. READ MORE

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