It’s Islamists who are dividing America, not Trump

Trumping Hitler
by Melanie Phillips
December 11, 2015

…Both Trump and Le Pen are considered by Western elites to be beyond the pale. Trump is indeed a preposterous figure. His call to bar Muslims was not only ludicrous in practical terms but morally and politically illiterate, making no distinction between Islamic extremists and the millions of Muslims who live decent, unthreatening lives. But calling Trump a fascist, a Nazi or “just like Hitler,” as many in the West have been doing, displays a mindset ranging from the historically cretinous to the maliciously perverse. Fascism is a totalitarian slave-doctrine which deifies the state and its leader, is obsessed with racial purification and is hostile to modernity and reason. Hitler’s Nazism added genocide of the Jews to the brew. Whatever Trump’s flaws, does anyone seriously suggest he wants to kill all Muslims and turn the US into a totalitarian state? READ MORE

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