Defeating the radicals begins with the facts. Commit these to memory and advocate for Israel.  

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Simple Answers to False Claims
by Dr Shmuel Katz
January 25, 2016

It took the Arab propaganda machine decades of persistent, aggressive effort to convince many oblivious individuals – including some world leaders – of the canard that Jews illegally occupy Arab land, having “stolen it from Palestinians.” The Mideast conflict may be complicated to solve, but is quite easily explained: 1) The Jewish people have an unbroken 4,000-year national history in the land of Israel. 2) Never in history has there been an Arab Palestinian State. 3) The Palestinian movement was founded to annihilate Israel…The Palestinian movement (PLO) was founded with the express purpose of destroying Israel. The PLO Covenant – adopted in 1964, long before Israel held any disputed territories – calls “to move forward on the path of jihad until complete and final victory is achieved,” i.e. the annihilation of Israel. READ MORE

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